A Day At The Races

Just spent the day in San Francisco with my wife and kids. We went to see the finals of the Red Bull Air Races and the Blue Angels. I see all kinds of flight demonstration teams but there is just something special about the Blue Angels. You just feel it when you see them fly. Anyway the Red Bull races were pretty cool. The contestants have to fly around an obstacle course, between some inflatable pylons, at over 200 MPH. They also have some mandatory aerobatics to perform. These races really push the limits of man and machine. They are just a hoot to watch.

I’ve never seen Aquatic Park so packed full of people. I didn’t think that many people in San Francisco really liked the military all that much. It just really touched me to see the parade of ships and all the young sailors. It really gives me hope for tomorrow.

Thank goodness it was chilly. Kept the ladies (and the not-so-lady-like) pretty much covered up for the day. Finally didn’t have to guard my eyes so much today.

Stark realization

I’m stubborn. I’m sure God could use a man like that. I’m sure He’s planned to use me all along. I find myself having to come to the stark realization that maybe the Calvinists are right. I’ve embraced everything about Reformed theology except that one last point. The P-word. That’s predestination for you Arminians out there.

Nothing else can explain the events of my life. Nothing else can explain why God has patiently taught me through the reading of His Word and the gentle coaxing of my Pastor and the Elders. Why when I was bound and determined to enter a life of sin would God keep goading my conscience? Because He chose me long ago and therefore nothing will separate me from His love.

I don’t know whether to feel profound relief for my salvation or profound sorrow for those who are not saved. Couldn’t God elect everyone? Paul writes in Romans 9:20 that I really don’t have a right to expect an answer from God when questioned about decisions. I still feel a sense of loss for my family, the majority of which are not saved.


But then, I guess I don’t really know what’s in their hearts. Nor do I know who God’s elect are. My hope rests in the sacrifice Jesus made for me, His blood that was shed for me, God’s grace, and His ultimate and perfect mercy.

Good journey fellow traveller. I hope to see you on the far side of Judgement Day.

My dinner with Paco

My wife and I invited my co- system admin at work, Paco, home for dinner. Paco’s wife and children are attending a funeral in Central America. Paco has seemed a little lonely and is having trouble sleeping at night. We are hoping that a warm, home-cooked meal and the antics of our children will cheer him up. I just want to do a better job of spreading around what God gave me. He gives me peace and joy through my family. I want to show hospitality to the lonely. I want to be the light that God designed and intended me to be.

The Neighbor’s Car – Part 2

What a jerk is absolutely right! Except it’s not him, it’s me. I put aside my foolish pride today and actually took the opportunity to meet my neighbor. He’s a big guy, very intimidating, doesn’t smile a lot. He commutes 80 miles one way to work. I wouldn’t smile much either. After introducing myself and talking to him for a little bit he volunteered why he was parking in front of my house. There is a street light in my front yard. His car has been broken into several times. He started parking under the streetlight in an attempt to discourge the car thieves.

Apparently he comes from a bad neighborhood and had high hopes when he moved to our neighborhood. He wanted to live with nice people in a nice neighborhood. Well, I guess we really showed him. Looks aren’t everything. Whether it be tough-looking neighbors who are actually very nice or a nice-looking neighborhood that really isn’t. My apologies, neighbor. Welcome to the neighborhood. I’ll help keep an eye on your car.

Thank you Lord for keeping an eye on me. As always, I am in your debt. Gloria Patri! Soli Deo gloria!

The bowstring

As unto the bow the chord is,
So unto the man the woman.
Though she bends him,
She obeys him.
Though she draws him out,
Yet she follows.
Useless each without the other.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Messing about in boats

Took my wife and kids (and the dog) boating today. We rented a 20′ Four Winns up at Lake Don Pedro. What a blast! The kids really enjoyed themselves. My wife really dug being out on the water once it warmed up a little. At one point we shut off the motor and just drifted for about an hour in a big bay. We ate lunch and just lazed around on the boat. A lifestyle I could get used to. One we could all get used to! After about 4 hours the kids were done. That’s when we started cruising the lake to see the sights. My youngest zonked out, the dog thew up, but my wife and I had a great time sightseeing.

Please keep your day job

I’ve been browsing some of the blogs here on Blogger. Many of them are just plain stupid. Not content-wise, people can say whatever they want, but you people that fancy yourselves web designers, uh, please stop. Some of these blogs are just plain painful to look at. They might have great content but I’ll never know. Others are just wierd. Either they are kids after a first-time experimentation with alcohol or they are just picking words out at random. Not quite poetry. Still others are kind of like my blog: some boring person blathering their experiences, opinions, and what-have-you on the Internet.

Interesting day here in the Central Valley. Thunderstorms pushed in all the way from the country’s mid section by Hurricane Rita. Not here in Modesto but all around us. I went flying this morning to look at the clouds. There was a lot of wind shear within 5 miles of the airport so I thought it prudent not to venture too far away. Shot a couple of landings and then headed off to work. Finally got my intercom problems wrung out too. Looks like I can give rides on Saturday after all.