More RV-4 work, more RV-7 work

I worked some more on my RV-4 elevator. I spent most of the day getting very little accomplished on it. It’s almost ready to rivet. I need to get some smaller nails for the close quarter dimpler I have. You use a pop rivet tool, some dies, and a nail to dimple a rivet hole. Once these last few holes are dimpled it’s ready to start riveting the elevator spar to the skin.

I also did some work on my RV-7 horizontal stabilizer skeleton. I alodined the ribs and spars and other raw aluminum stock that goes on there. I have found that the best method when using alodine is to just pour it in a basin and soak the pieces in it. I tried a trick using a long plastic bag to alodine the longer parts but had mixed results. When it comes time to alodine the vertical pieces I may look at a different technique. Here are some pictures of the final product. You can see I need to refine my technique. It’s good enough though and won’t be seen by the general public anyway.

Forward side


Aft side


RV-7 Horizontal Spar

I started work on the empenage of the RV-7 today. As compared to the RV-4 the RV-7 is like building a lego airplane. Progress for today was to mount the spar stiffener and the elevator hinges. This involved putting clecos in every third hole and then reaming all the other holes to final size (#30). I then moved the clecos to the reamed holes and reamed all the remaining holes.

Here’s a picture of the progress for today.