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I started this blog years ago to capture my random thoughts and travels.  I don’t make money off it.  Never have, most likely never will.  I don’t try.  It’s just a place to express myself.  The two most important things you should know about me is,  I love God, I love my family, and I love to fly.  And travel.  Okay, that’s four things.
I’ve been a believer in Christ my whole life.  If you don’t know about Christ, feel free to ask me.  I won’t push Him on you.  But I hope you know Christ too.  It will be really important someday that you have a relationship with Him.
I’ve been married for 28 years to the love of my life.  We have two children both of whom are grown now.  My oldest is Autistic and has been a handful.  My youngest is in college.  My wife Cristy is the most loving and patient woman on the planet.  She loves Christ even more than I do.  She plays the piano beautifully and fills the house with music.
I’ve been a pilot for 23 years.  I built two aircraft; the first, an RV-4:

It took 5 years to build and I flew it for 5 years including two trips to Oshkosh WI from Modesto, CA.  I really enjoyed this plane but it was really fast and wouldn’t land in some of the out of the way places I really wanted to visit.  So I built the second plane, a Rans S-6ES:

I was finally able to land in all the out of the way places I enjoyed.  I also flew this airplane to Oshkosh.  I would be more than happy for this to be my last airplane but… I have other plans.  Since we want to live full-time in an RV I needed something more portable. So I bought my powered paraglider (PPG):


It easily fits into any RV or even the back of our car.  The plan was for me to take it with us where ever we go and fly from there.  However, it was too flighty for my tastes.  Probably too many years of fixed wing flying.  So now…


I fly a Six Chuter P3 Lite powered parachute.  It’s a Part 103 legal ultralight which requires no pilot’s license.  I can tow it home and keep it in my garage.  It’s not as portable as the PPG but it’s more stable.

So how do I finance all this?  I work as a Network Administrator for San Joaquin General Hospital.  When I retire I’ll probably put the flying machines away for good so I can spend time traveling with my wife and see the country!






18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Steve Young

    I saw your website link on the Rans Clan forum. You replied to my introductory message. Your name: The Flying Deacon caught by attention. I am the pastor of a Baptist church in northeast Missouri and like you, I love Jesus, family, and flying. Actually have several other interests, but these are the top 3. I appreciate your telling me of your build time. I know that I would really enjoy building a plane, but not sure I want to invest 2 or more years into it. I am just finishing recovering the wings on my Challenger with PolyFiber fabric, and although it isn’t difficult it is time consuming. I will start painting this week and should be flying it again in 2 weeks.

    Sorry for the long message. Have a blessed day.

  2. Thank you Pastor! Yes, I am a deacon at Central Valley Presbyterian and the only flying deacon in the Central Valley that I know of. I don’t know why God gifted me with flight other than out of His kindness. We are so blessed that the Lord allowed us to live in such a time. You know that many hands make for light work. You could always enlist the men and boys of your church to help. It would be a great bonding experience for them and you. I built the S-6ES which uses the pre-sewn sails and goes together much quicker. Only minimal painting is required on the fiberglass parts and no painting of the dacron. Anyway, just a thought.

    God bless and please keep in touch!

    Soli Deo gloria!

    1. Steve Young

      Thank you for the response. You are certainly giving credit to the one who deserves the praise. Praise God! That’s a great suggestion getting other people involved with the plane construction. Actually, I do have a brother in Christ helping me with the Challenger wings, but I hadn’t considered using it as an outreach opportunity until you mentioned asking others to help. I know of at least one unchurched man in our community that would be interested in helping. This would be a great opportunity to build a relationship with him and share Jesus with him.

      I’m a firm believer in using God’s gifts, regardless of what they are, to further the kingdom. I think these gifts include the talents and interests we have if used in the right way. Aviation is certainly a gift from God that sometimes we take for granted. Thanks brother. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we know.

  3. I’m a Calvinist so I have no choice but to give God the glory. 🙂 A little theological humor there. But it’s true! One of the distinctives of our church is family integration. So even when it comes to airplane building I try to get everyone involved. Now I use my plane to introduce children and adults at our church to the wonder of flight and what an amazing gift God gave us. To be held aloft by nothing more than God’s breath! To see the patterns and logical organization of the earth He created. It’s a great tool.

  4. Thank you for leaving a comment in our blog.
    We would still have been neighbors if we have not retired and left Central Valley. During our work days we live in Tracy, Steve commutes to Oakland while I take the Altamont Train to the Silicon Valley.
    I am from Cebu, and wonders where your wife is from in the Phil.

    1. Ah you are Cebuano! My wife is from Paranaque, Metro-Manila. All her family is here now though. We hope to be your neighbors out on the road in a few years! Please look us up next time you come through the valley.

  5. Thank you for following my blog! My father was a U. S. Air Force pilot so I grew up around airplanes. Good luck with your plans for full time RV’ing! We have been part time RV’ing for almost 10 years. There is so much to see in our beautiful country! Happy trails!

    1. My father was US Navy. I spent my youth bouncing between Pensacola and Brunswick. Always saw planes flying over but never thought I could fly. Been flying for 23 years now! Hope we run into y’all out on the road some time. When we get there.

  6. FloatFlyer

    Dutchman – nice website and great that you share you faith and flying. I flew Bill Glass Prison Ministry airshows with a friend some 15 years ago,and it was a great way share the good news! I’m just starting to build an RV8 and am thinking about how to glorify God through the process.


    1. Nice to meet another flying Christian! Building that RV-8 is just like the sanctification process. Just take it one day at a time. Progress and setbacks are the name of the game. Seek God’s will in all you do (including building airplanes) and you will be successful!

  7. tntent

    HI, Seen your Blog and cant help but think You and your family seem familiar. I too Love Jesus, and Im a worship leader at our local church, and like camping. We just have a small humble trailer but belong to thousand trails also. As for flying, Im just getting into the sport and met with a local trainer whom sort of suggested the ppc over the ppg for some of the reasons you`ve mentioned though he does both the ppc training is less expensive and faster time to flying. If all goes as planned Im looking at getting a second hand ppc after training. Would love the new six chuter , but perhaps a bit out of my budget at the moment. Perhaps we can get together and fly sometime after Im trained and flying my own PPC. We are in yuba sutter are 1 hr north of sac. yuba county has an ultralight friendly as well as the lincoln airport you mentioned. God Bless, Tony

    1. Always like to meet other flying Christians! Not sure why we seem familiar except that we share Christ in common. I am Facebook friends with some of the guys that fly around there; Joe Borzeleri, John Cabigas, and a few others.

      I enjoyed flying PPG but it was a pain launching the wing and I hated having to hold the throttle all the time. I haven’t flown a PPC yet but I’m hoping it will be less susceptible to even small amounts of wind. I hear they are. I’ll be training up at Lincoln so maybe I’ll run into you one of these days.

      1. Tony Vanover

        Share your thoughts after you start training(or actually fly a few times) with us. Love to hear your perspective.. I’m hoping to get some training Monday if weather permits

  8. Sebastiano

    this is Sebastiano form Italy. I am trying to get in contact to ask you an advice on the mounting of an LRI (Lift Reserve Indicator) similar to that you posted in another blog some time ago.
    I leave my email. I would appreciate your reply.

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