Still plugging away

It’s been a busy two weeks at work.  I’ve barely had time to think much less do anything.  But the garage has become my place of solace and peace.  My son hasn’t helped every day but he needs a break some times.  I don’t want to burn him out on this project.  I want it to be as enjoyable as it is educational.  But we have made some progress by just doing something small each day.  Here is our progress so far.

It’s up on the wheels:

And we’ve begun installing the cockpit floor and rudders.

Angela stained the floorboard the color you see.

Scotty drilled the holes for the brake mount plates.

And he assembled the rudder pedals.

Next steps will be to install the rudder pedals and then brakes.

We’re making good progress and learning to understand eachother better.  Have I always been the best teacher?  No.  Have I always been patient?  Uh-uh.  Am I always good at involving him in the project?  Nope.  But I am what God has given him, and he is what God has given me.  And I think we will both be blessed because of God’s choices.

Bent on biking

I recently purchased a recumbent bike on eBay. My goal was to save some money on the commute to work and to get in better shape. I went with a recumbent bike because, well, shall we say my seat was very uncomfortable on the old mountain bike. Very old mountain bike. Like 25 years old. The new bike is a Rans Rocket short wheelbase recumbent.

I actually rode the Rocket to work today and I learned a lesson about recumbent bikes, they REALLY work your legs hard. You see, on a standard bicycle you can stand on the pedals and use your body weight to help pedal when your legs get tired. You can do this on a recumbent because your legs are in front of you. You must use your legs completely when starting or when pedaling.

It’s a 12 mile round trip to work and when coming home, no matter which way I turn it’s always into the wind! So I’ve got quite the workout when I do ride the bike. I’m going to start out just once or twice a week until my legs start cooperating. With gas prices the way they are and couple that with the fact that I’m not getting younger; there may be a lot of biking in my future.