Nirvana Rodeo Cruise Carbon Trike

So what am I flying now that the S6 is gone?

The motor is a Nirvana Rodeo

Tech specs are:

Engine:     Simonini MINI 2 Plus, NIRVANA Tunning
Power:      27 HP (@ 6,800 rpm)
Ignition:  NIRVANA CIR (electronic with pre-ignition and battery charging regulation)
Carburetor:  Diaphragm WALBRO WB37
Reduction:    Belt 1:2.4 NIRVANA
Exhaust:        Tuned NIRVANA
Propeller:      Carbon three-blade foldable
Starting:        Manual and electrical
Fuel Tank:     10 liters, integrated
Body:               Self-supporting, laminated shell, orange colour
Frame:            Aluminium, four-parts, foldable
Harness:         Anatomic construction silencing of the remaining vibrations, straps AustriAlpin Cobra, front reserve container – removable, foldaway spacers
Accessories:  Maintenance-free NiCd battery charged during the flight, socket 16.8 VDC, fuel gauge
Equipment:   Padded bag for engine complete with wheels, frame and propeller packs
Weight:           25 kg (empty unit without harness)
Recommended Pilot Weight:  80–160 kg (single or tandem)
Minimum Static Thrust:    70/65 kP (according to the propeller size 125/115 cm)
Average Fuel Consumption:    3–3.5 litres per hour (influenced by the type of canopy used and the pilot weight)

And since I don’t want to have to run to get into the air I also purchased a Cruise Carbon Trike with it.


I ended up with a Dudek NemoXX Wing as my glider





One bit of equipment I added to my trike was a SkyFlar  (sky flare) strobe.  The sail is big and bright enough to catch most pilots’ attention but if not, the strobe should certainly help with helping other pilots spot me.

Here is a video of the install.

I’ve changed the strobe location.  Here’s another video…