Backcountry Strips

One thing I really enjoyed about flying my old airplane was flying into backcountry strips.  What are backcountry strips?  They are airports that don’t always have a paved runway, or even a runway at all.  It could be a dirt airstrip, it could be a gravel bar, it could be a dirt road.  There would most likely be picnicing or camping involved at this destination.  Or it could just be a quiet place for me to visit and gather my thoughts or pray.  Here is a Google map of some of the back country spots I have visited and some I would still like to visit.

A great resource for backcountry flying is this site: BackCountry Pilot dot Org

4 thoughts on “Backcountry Strips

  1. Mark

    You say the Hoover Lake Airstrip has trees planted in it. My question is the current imagery in Google Maps accurate? I see an ~800 ft long stretch in which no obstacles appear. I could land my Maule in there comfortably.

    1. Mark

      Thanks – I can bring my bike in the Maule. Would love to drop in there and ride for a few hours and then get out. It’s far enough from the ranger station that I don’t think they would notice if I quietly slipped in.

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