My RV-4

This is the first airplane I ever built.  It was a heck of a project for a first timer but I got lots of help from the factory and many Internet forums.  All were invaluable.

RV-4 N311SV

Serial No: 1054

Year built: 2002 (actually the year it was registered, took 5 years to build)

Engine: O320-D2A, TTSN: 288

Propeller: Catto 2 blade

Flaps: Manual

Trim: Electric


Rocky Mountain MicroMonitor

MicroAir 760 Comm Radio

MicroAir T2000 Transponder with blind encoder

Stereo intercom with music input

Standard ASI, VSI, ALT, Mag Compass

The plane is all white with vinyl graphic striping.

Note that the rest of the pictures were taken PRIOR to adding the vinyl stripes.

I need to clean up a few wires behind the panel. There is also one more air vent to mount just below the panel. Electrical switches are on a panel located below the right cockpit rail. Throttle, mixture, and carb heat controls are located on a quadrant just below the left cockpit rail. The instruments are: Left half of panel from top down, ELT, Intercom, Trim indicator, trim button, MicroMonitor, fuel gauge with selector switch directly below, MicroAir 760 Raido, T2000 Transponder. Right half of panel from top down, Alternator warn indicator and field breaker, Magnetic compass, ASI, blank, Altimeter, turn coordinator, blank, vertical speed indicator. At the far left is an air vent. The stick has a single push to talk button mounted on top.

Fuses are located in a hinged panel below the switch panel on the left. Note that the battery and fuel lines are normally covered. I had them off to clean the interior and forgot to put them back on for the picture.

I need to get a better shot of the interior. The interior is flat grey with two-tone grey upholstry. The roll bar is painted white.
A few more exterior shots follow:

Click here for my RV-4 videos

I also found a link to a web page I created about my very first airplane. I didn’t know it was still out there!

Scooter’s Flying Adventures

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