Voting Irregularities

The makers of voting machines used in much of the USA, Dominion and Smartmatic have consitently claimed that their machines do not connect to the Internet. BLXWare and 3Net Labs have proven differently. Take a look at this web page which shows Internet traffic between voting aggregation machines in various parts of the USA and the rest of the world.

Georgia Election Fraud

Basically, there was widespread election fraud in the 2020 Presidential US Election. How did they do it? Here is ONE way. This is an explanation by Sherrie Engler, a graphic designer. She based her explanation off the testimony given by Jovan Pulitzer at a hearing conducted by Georgia State Legislature.

Her twitter thread on ballots in Georgia. 

1. As a Graphic Designer with a degree, I didn’t understand why so many ballots were spit out as unreadable by the voting machines on November 3rd.  But after watching Jovan Pulitzers testimony today in Georgia I now completely understand. Let me explain..

2. As a graphic designer all elements/layers of my design must line up in order to print on the paper properly.  Otherwise it can put out blurred images on the final product at the printing shop. The printing machines follow something put on my art/documents

3. called “Registration Marks”. Every student in Graphic Designer in college is stressed that these are never to be off or you are wasting the printers time and the clients time. Which is very bad, graphic designers get fired for this.

4. Back in the old days when we did this work by hand it was easy to make these mistakes, before the computers…I’m dating myself here because that’s when I started…before computers. Now I design everything on computers that go to a printer.

5. On computer software, say photoshop for example, we no longer make these mistakes because the software sets all registration marks electronically every time in every layer of our art/document. In Mr. Pulitzers testimony he points out that

6. the Registration Marks (he called bullseye/target) are not lined up in the predominantly Republican areas voters voting papers. And he shows you that the Democratic areas voters voting papers are perfectly accurate Registration Marks.  See below

7. You can see the Republican areas voter documents were off on the Registration Marks.  Very off. Because these are documents meant to be scanned by a counter, those bad Registration Marks will toss the document out as uncountable.

8. Why was this print run allowed to proceed?  Any print manager would have seen this in the printers proof and rejected the print run.  How did the Registration Marks get misaligned?

9. Who printed these ballots?  I have more that a few questions for them, like who designed these Republican areas ballots? Why weren’t they corrected? Why are the missing barcodes on the Democrat ballots? I can think of many more questions.  I bet you can too.

10. I bet I’m not the only Graphic Designer out there today to make this connection finally to the tabulation machines rejection rates now.

11. Jovan Pulitzer’s testimony today if you want to watch.

This is just one way the election was stolen in just one state. This happened across many states. Add to that votes were changed electronically. More to come on that.

The Dead Come Back To Life

If I find this is not true I’ll retract it but… Christopher Reeves is alive!

COVID-19 Tests Are Flawed

Undercover DC published a great article on how the COVID-19 nasal swab test everyone is taking is deeply flawed. It was based on a guess of what the virus was. My personal opinion is that the test is actually testing for the common cold. Read the article and decide for yourself.

Preponderance Of Evidence

So many in the American mass media keep claiming that President Trump has no evidence of voter fraud.

No evidence? Click the link below to get a PhD on how to steal an election. Then tell me there is no evidence.

The 2020 Election Evidence Project.

The Great Awakening: The NSA’s Plan To Save The World

I’ve been following Q for only a short time. But the more I’ve researched the more I’ve found that everything we thought was true… was a lie. A very scary time is coming but we will get through it and on the other side it will be so much better. Give these two videos a watch as an intro to Q. Open your mind and all the pieces will come together and you’ll see it’s true.

The Great Reset


Human Trafficking


Satanic Worship

Take time to research the above. Our government is taking part in them and has been infiltrated to a horrific degree. That is all about to come to an end. It started with a raid on a server farm in Frankfurt Germany and will go so much farther. Our country, our world is being taken back.

Here are two signs: President Trump will tell us to remain in our homes while the military takes down Antifa and BLM.

Wait for Trumps text, emergency broadcast and Mobilize…time for action ECHO……🇺🇲 — Qanon+ Redcode71 Saturday, November 28, 2020


The second sign is that the dead will come back to life. (They weren’t really dead, but in witness protection programs)

Yes those are obscure but they will make sense once they come to pass.

Take a look this video all the way through and take heart!

If the above link doesn’t work, please try the one below:

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!

Facebook No More

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Facebook for a long time. Their intrusive monitoring is what ticked me off from time to time. From time to time I would suspend my account but I always came back.

Not this time.

I have given up Facebook for good. I downloaded all my data and then asked to delete my account. They provisionally deleted it but gave me 30 days to change my mind.

I didn’t.

I also posted my last post on Instagram. Basically telling people where to find me. And where can you find me now?



What really cinched it for me was the amount of censorship going on. No matter what your political affiliation you deserve as much a change to get your message across as anyone else. The fact they were singling out one party isn’t as important as they were trying to silence people. Not cool.

So if you’re looking for me, that’s where I may be found.

Sewed My Ripped Upholstery

For about 4 years the driver seat in my truck has been ripping. The rip got to about 8 inches long in that time. I was looking into calling an upholstery shop until I saw this video:

I decided to give it a try and although I don’t have a before picture I do have an after picture. Not bad for my first try!

All sewed up!

You can tell it wasn’t done by a professional but you also can’t see the threads… much. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out!