The Exodus

At first I had planned to travel around the country to sites which I could fly from.   As my wife is now embracing our journey more and more I find I am less inclined to just leave her in the trailer and go flying.  I want to do things with her.  I am now planning to get completely out of aviation to spend time with her and do things that are fun for both of us.  All journeys begin somewhere, and our journey begins with the exodus.  Just as the Israelites wandered int the wilderness for 40 years, we will wander the western US for 40 days on our way to become Texas residents.  Here is our exodus:

The $ sign is where we intend to purchase our trailer.  Trailer Hitch RV in Nipomo seems to have the best prices on the west coast.

The pine trees are our stopovers.

The red pushpins are our timetable.  Always subject to change.

The mail icon is the home base of Escapees.  The organization who will handle our new street address and mail forwarding.