The Covenant Promise Project

Big important projects always have cool code names.  I’ve picked the code name for the project that my son and I are about to embark upon: Coventant Promise.  Not only does it sound really cool, there is deeper meaning to it.  As part of God’s covenant with me I am required to train my children well.  Since I cannot pass on my computer expertise to my son (though he is getting pretty handy surfing the net -another story) I have decided to pass on the only other thing I know; building airplanes.  I obviously won’t be able to pass on all the planning that goes into an aircraft this time around but perhaps on the next plane his mental facilities may be better suited to planning.  For now we’re going to learn proper shop technique, basic aerodynamics, and basic aircraft construction techniques.

The kit should be here in a week or two so it’s time to kick off Covenant Promise.

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