Flying And Other News

I haven’t been able to post any updates lately because the past few weeks at work have been a blur.  A nice blur but very busy.  The days seem to fly by.  I am enjoying working there though.  The people are nice, the rate at which work comes in is manageable, and they make sure we have down time.  I’m also blessed in that my boss, and her boss are both believers and prayed for the right person to fill their open position.  I prayed for God to guide me to the right job.  Everything worked out perfectly for both sides.

In my down time on the weekends I’ve been enjoying flying my PPG.  Sometimes with my new friends from the PPG Facebook group, sometimes alone.  It’s nice to finally be getting more comfortable with my launches, even when I mess them up.  I have purposefully not taken any video or pictures on most of these flight in order to enjoy “being in the moment.”  However, this past weekend I couldn’t resist.

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