Christ’s death and resurrection: sufficient and effective

One of my sticking points with Calivinism is the concept that Christ’s death was sufficient to save all people but is only effective for the elect. My incredibly patient pastor is trying to work through this with me. I think I know what Calvinists are trying to say there but it doesn’t seem to come across well. However this is my forum so I shall muse on this.

Scripture states that Christ died to pay our penalty for not obeying God’s commands. Or as Paul puts it in 1 Timothy 2:6 “who gave Himself as a ransom for all men” I submit that Jesus did in fact pay that penalty for all men. His death was sufficient to retract the death sentance all humantiy had on it from Adam’s first act of disobedience. So through Christ’s death everyone shall be made alive again and everyone shall live forever. Hallelujah!

Now. Where are we going to spend that eternity? If you believe in Jesus, confess yourself a sinner, turn from your sinful life, confess him Him before others, and strive to do His will, you will spend eternity joyfully in His presence. If you don’t believe in God, if you do believe in Jesus but you don’t really want to do all that “Bible stuff”, if you live a double life: Christian on Sundays at church, devil during the week when no one’s looking, well, you’re going to spend eternity cast out of God’s presence. No one knows what that’s like because no one has ever experienced it. God has always made His presence felt since time began. He makes the sun to shine and the rain to fall on both the evil and the good. I have no idea what such a situation is like. I hope you never find out either. A merciful god wouldn’t do that you say? What about a just god? His mercy is perfect but so is His justice. Besides if you don’t believe in God how merciful would it be to have you stand in the presence of the deity you spent your life demanding didn’t exist? For eternity! Wouldn’t that be humiliating? But He is also just. He’s got rules. You’ve got to follow them.

Turn to Jesus. Accept His sacrifice. When He died for you He ensured you would live forever. You will have to pay your penalty once but you will be raised from the dead. Where will you be? Come to Jesus. He desires that you be saved.

Air Joy

My son and I jumped in the plane this morning and flew to Los Banos with another friend. He and his wife flew in their plane. We walked across the street to eat at Country Waffles. Then we buzzed my wife and daughter and flew back home.

Later I took a kid and his dad for a ride in the plane today. They’re from our church. Really good people. It really makes my day to give rides to people who really love to fly. The dad has never been in anything smaller than a 6 seat Cessna, the kid has never been in any small plane (to my knowledge.) I need to put a mirror up so I can see their faces when I do high-G turns and pull-ups. My plane has tandem seating so I can’t really see the passenger’s face. Very relaxing morning.

The neighbor’s car

Tell me, am I just being crazy or what? The neighbor across the street has a HUGE corner lot. A two-car garage and accompanying driveway, yet he INSISTS on parking his car in front of my house. Well, not exactly, he’s crafty about where he parks. Right on the property line between my house and the next-door neighbors. Dead-center of a wheel-chair access ramp. Is it just me or is this plain rude? You could get 10 or 15 cars curbside in front of his house, you can get maybe 2 in front of mine, only 1 with his car parked there all the time. What a jerk. I’m praying for a “For Sale” sign to pop up in his front yard one of these days.

Okay, I’ve vented.