I need to pray. Pray for the man across the street who parks his car in front of my house. Pray for all the women I’ve looked upon with un-Godly eyes. Pray for my wife who puts up with me. Pray for my children who look up to me. Pray for myself how blessed I am that God keeps giving me chances and accepts me with His boundless mercy and GRACE!

Maybe the Calvinists have something after all. I’ve done nothing acceptable to God. I’d really like to do what the other guys do. But the Holy Spirit stays within me. Making me feel guilty for wanting to do those bad things, reminding me what’s right. I read in a book once that the most miserable person is the Christian who sins. They can’t fully enjoy their salvation because of their sin and they can’t fully enjoy their sin because of their salvation. What a miserable existence.

Best just to obey God and accept His peace. The peace that comes from knowing you’re doing the right thing and that you will spend eternity with the Creator of all things.

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