Please keep your day job

I’ve been browsing some of the blogs here on Blogger. Many of them are just plain stupid. Not content-wise, people can say whatever they want, but you people that fancy yourselves web designers, uh, please stop. Some of these blogs are just plain painful to look at. They might have great content but I’ll never know. Others are just wierd. Either they are kids after a first-time experimentation with alcohol or they are just picking words out at random. Not quite poetry. Still others are kind of like my blog: some boring person blathering their experiences, opinions, and what-have-you on the Internet.

Interesting day here in the Central Valley. Thunderstorms pushed in all the way from the country’s mid section by Hurricane Rita. Not here in Modesto but all around us. I went flying this morning to look at the clouds. There was a lot of wind shear within 5 miles of the airport so I thought it prudent not to venture too far away. Shot a couple of landings and then headed off to work. Finally got my intercom problems wrung out too. Looks like I can give rides on Saturday after all.

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