He is my son

This evening my wife was sharing the concerns that some parents have about their autistic children with regard to their salvation. I took this as an indirect way of telling me that she was somewhat concerned about our autistic son’s salvation. I called our son in and asked him if he believed in God. “Yes.” Came the terse answer. I went on to ask him if he believed in Jesus. “Yes.” I asked him what Jesus did for us. “Jesus died for me.” Came the answer. I thanked him and sent him back to bed. My wife’s misty eyes spoke volumes.

It took some time for me to accept my son’s autism. But once I had I spent very little time wondering about what could have been or being jealous of other men’s sons. My son, is my son. I love him and would have him no other way. I see other men training their sons for business, sending them to colleges, preparing them for ministry or prestigious careers. My son will never have the intellect the others have nor will he be able to achieve what the other men’s sons will acheive.

What my son has though is beyond value. He posseses a complete and unquestioning faith in God. I am more proud of him that I can say. If the Lord wills and my son is able to move out on his own, hold down a steady job, and take care of himself (and I have little doubt about this) then he will have achieved and overcome far more than any other man’s son.

He is my son. I am proud of him.

One thought on “He is my son

  1. Like children who are not yet to the age of “accountability” (able to reason and decide themselves) their parent’s relationship with God determines their salvation. I say this with all respect and very carefully, but for children, their parent’s stand in the place of God. They need to be taught to honor their parent’s, and in turn they will learn to fear and reverence God. It gives us something to earnestly pray about, as we are the lawful protector and guardian of our family. Spiritual and physical.

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