Sunriver, OR (S21)



Sunriver (S21) was my last fuel stop on my infamous day 2 return trip from Oshkosh.  I had left Pierre, SD that morning at 5:30am.  When I arrived at Sunriver the air was getting very bumpy, it was 3:00pm and I was just flat out beat.  I did not want to fly any more that day.  I asked if there was any room at the Sunriver Resort.  “No” was all the reply I got from the front desk at the resort.  One of the FBO guys suggested I call a rent a car and go find a hotel.  The guys at the FBO weren’t very helpful when I first arrived but after I had hung around for an hour or so, taking a nap on their couch in the middle of the busy lobby, they began to take pity on me.  Even so, they weren’t really prepared to help out.  I finally bought some fuel and launched back into the bumpy Oregon afternoon sky vowing never to return.

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