Rushford, MN (55Y)



Rushford (55Y) was eaily my favorite stop on any trip to Oshkosh.  This is a small country airport hidden out in a cornfield.  There is an honor FBO and self-serve fuel.  The FBO consists of a mobile home with 2 bedrooms (which pilots are welcome to use) a fully stocked freezer with frozen dinners (leave a donation for the food) and sodas.  There are some nice easy chairs in the living room with a picture window which overlooks the runway.  When I had stopped to fuel up, the airport manager flew in from a nearby airport because he heard me on the radio.  He just wanted to say hello and thank me for stopping in.  This airport is my absolute favorite and I have never been able to visit there since that first trip.  I really do hope to return.  They have cheap fuel too.  Definitely try to stop in here if you’re in the area.

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