Anoka County / Blaine Airport – Minneapolis, MN (KANE)

On my second trip to Oshkosh I flew all the way to Minneapolis on the first day before I stopped for the night.  We landed at Anoka County / Blaine Airport (KANE) This is by far the longest cross-country I have ever flown.  I stopped there because the other aircraft in our two ship formation was going to overnight there.  The guys in the tower seemed a little confused by our arrival.  What are airplanes doing at an airport anyway?  They also underestimated our speed as evident by the controller telling me he’d call my base turn, and then forgetting until I was almost a mile off centerline and reminded him.  Then he got grumpy.  It took about an hour for the hotel shuttle to show up.  When we got to the hotel we were informed that they wouldn’t return us to the airport so we had to call a cab.  The Jamaican cab driver didn’t even know there was an airport in town and drove us all over the county trying to find it.  If you’re ever in the area, find another airport.

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