Yellow Dog Linux

I loaded YDL on my Mac G3 today.  Seems to run faster and be more standard than Ubuntu.  Just found out today that Google runs Ubuntu on their desktops behind the scenes.  It is a pretty good desktop machine but leaves a little to be desired as a workstation/server machine.  YDL has a pretty good control panel for Apache.  I’m going to be installing MySQL this evening to see how well that plays.  Once that’s in and PHP is all configured, I’ll try to set up some content management and BBS software.  If that goes well I might just become my own hosting provider.  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Dog Linux

  1. David H

    Ah, yes linux. Don’t ask me why I started down that road. I never have mastered any of it. I actually just spent a couple of evenings setting up Debian on an old HP Vectra. Was having a little trouble with the X Configuration. Which is typical with linux in the past. I think the newer distros are getting much better about config stuff. This is “Woody” and uses an old kernel. (pre 2.4) but I wanted to learn some PHP too as I bought an O’Reilly book sometime back.. At one time I had a “web-server” running on my static IP DSL line in Hawaii but I kept getting Chinese sites doing DOS Attacks which would bring it down. (Doesn’t take much on a small pipe). I was running an embedded Perl web system called Mason (see which is pretty cool. I always thought Perl was cool. I spent too much time dinking around with “cool” stuff and should have learned PHP since it can be hosted so much cheaper and is so abundant. I think you are going down the right road. Have fun.

  2. The Flying Dutchman

    Thanks. It’s kind of for my job. I’ve always been a windows guy but the unix guy at work can be a little uh, excitable when the boss comes around. I just want to understand enough to try to help solve the current problem (whatever that may be) while those two slug it out in back. Linux just puts unix in reach for me at home. It’s also breathing life into this old G3.

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