The joy of likemindedness

Hey TivoGuy!  🙂
Your family is welcome in my home ANY TIME!  They were such a joy and help to Mrs. Dutchman today.  I’ve been kind of bummed all day because of an airplane crash which killed an acquaintance of mine.  Seeing your big ol’ land yacht parked in my driveway and talking with your lovely and godly wife just lifted my spirits like you wouldn’t believe.  As far as the likemindedness, you know what that’s about and that helps more than I can adequately express.  I’m praying for all your situations, brother.  Thank you so much for all your hard work in the church.  Keep the faith!

2 thoughts on “The joy of likemindedness

  1. Tivoguy

    Hey bro. Thanks for the kind words. I will have to check this site more often. Yes, I feel as you do about treatment from Godly verses Ungodly people. But i must say it is better to make the most of it and pray that God encourage us then to stay in the self pity mode. Trust me i have tried it both ways. You are a great guy and God will honor your efforts. Keep up the faith!!

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