A Prayer for Cristy

woman prayingO Holy and most Merciful Father,
Consider thy daughter.
Comfort her when she fears,
Reassure her when she doubts,
Watch over her while she sleeps,
Catch her when she stumbles,
Hold her when she weeps.
Never have I known a more Godly woman
Who seeks after You night and day.
She prays on my behalf without ceasing.
She prays over our children nightly.
She walks with You in the morning.
Lord, grant her many years on earth,
That we may enjoy her company,
And see Your love and light,
Radiated through her.
Your Spirit is in her.
She showers us with unconditional love.
Holy Father, you have blessed the work of her hands,
And those who dwell with her.
Merciful Father, grant my request;
May all her days be blessed,
May the fruits of her labors be abundant,
May Your Grace shower her and fill her,
All the days of her life.


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