BFR time again

Seems like I just took my BFR (Biennial Flight Review) but it’s already that time again.  Pilots are certificated to fly for as long as they are physically capable.  A pilot’s license isn’t a license at all but a certificate of “demonstrated ability.”  As such, we are required to demonstrate our ability to safely pilot an aircraft on an on-going basis.  For a pleasure flyer like myself it’s every two years.

Since I’m a cheap pleasure flyer I’m heading down to Fresno Chandler Airport (KFCH) for a free Wings seminar and free flight instruction both of which will satisfy my BFR requirement.  The Wings program is a series of free safety seminars sponsored by the FAA.  It promises to be a fun day that will help make me a safer pilot all around.

Here’s some information on Wings Weekend 2006.

*** UPDATE ***

The flight was a no-go because of weather.  Guess I’ll have to pay for my BFR like everyone else.

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