Who needs money when you have friends?

BonfireJust got back from an overnight camping trip with my family. What made this particular trip fun was that we camped in the front yard of some friends from church. What was particularly fun about camping in our friend’s front yard is the location of that yard. They live just up the hill from Mountain Ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills, what’s known as gold country to the tourists. The views from their property are stunning. About 10 families fom showed up for the evening bonfire and then to camp overnight.

Dinner consisted of potato salad and hot dogs. Hot dogs were cooked by holding your dog over the flames with a stick or coat hanger. Of course the obligatory smores were served after dinner. The kids ran around in the dark playing capture the flag while the adults crept closer to the fire to keep the evening chill off and talked well into the evening.

The next morning I took a walk down to the lower portion of the property. It’s a grassy meadow strewnGrassy meadow with rocks. I stumbled upon about 20 deer who slowly started ambling away after they noticed me. All those who had stayed were treated to a hearty breakfast cooked by our hosts. Pastries, muffins, home cooked biscuits with butter and honey, and a turkey and egg quiche. There was more than enough for everyone. Breakfast was eaten on our hosts deck overlooking the above meadow and looking up at the craggy bluffs above their home. The only sound was the chatter of the children and birds.

All this peace and quiet and all it cost was food for the potluck and gas to drive up to Mountain Ranch.  What this weekend did for my family was priceless.  An evening with some wonderful people, spending the night with my wife and children in a tent, listening to the birds in the morning.  Experiences that are absolutely priceless.  What a wonderful peaceful place. Thank you so much Dave and Jean for opening up your home to us this past weekend!


Up to visit the Indian Head.  This was also our camping spot:



THE, that’s right, THE Indian Head:

Indian Head

2 thoughts on “Who needs money when you have friends?

  1. DaveHector

    Jean sent me a link to your site; I am delighted by what I see here. My family enjoyed the event as much as you did, and we look forward to doing it again. Let’s set up a hangar day.

    Dave Hector

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