Paso Robles, CA (KPRB)





Lunch at Paso Robles

A few weeks ago some friends and I decided to fly to Paso Robles for lunch.  Dennis and his son Chris flew in Dennis’ RV-6A and I flew along in my RV-4.  The trip of about 145 miles took us just under an hour from wheels up to wheels down on the ground.

We taxied up to the transient parking that was just in font of Matthew’s at the Airport and secured our aircraft.  We could have parked closer except for the two ANG C-130’s parked directly in front of the restaraunt.  They were loading a bunch of young men who looked as though they were going camping or something; lots of back packs and boxes.  They had parachutes too.  I wonder what they were going to do with them?

Dennis, Chris, and I enjoyed watching the military display in front of us while we waited for our food.  Soon the C-130’s were gone and we were left to a peaceful lunch.  The food there is definately as good as other patrons of Matthew’s have stated.  After a leisurely lunch we hopped back in our planes and started to head back toward Oakdale.  We had to wait for the returning C-130’s to taxi past us.  I wonder where all the guys in the back went?

It was late afternoon and getting a little bumpy over the hills so I took the short route to the valley via Coalinga while Dennis flew directly back so he could stop for fuel at Gustine.   I headed toward the Sierra Nevada foothills and did a little sight seeing on the way back.  Dennis and I arrived back at Oakdale at almost the same time.

If you ever find yourself hungry and you’re near Paso Robles, be sure to stop in at Matthews!  Great place!

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