We’re back

Well the family and I are home and have finally adjusted to being back in California…mostly.  The trip was wonderful.  It’s an experience that neither the kids nor my wife and I will soon forget.  But now I face a dilema…sort of.  I really, REALLY liked Tennessee.  The scenery is beautiful, the cost of living is lower, and the people are nicer.  It’s a slower pace of living back there.  I’ve lived in California for 32 years but I have to confess my heart never really left the South.  Also, my dad lives there now.  I’d really like to live closer to him.  

That’s the dilema.  I’ve got roots in this dusty old city now.  My kids have friends here.  God led me to a good church with good people in it.  I’ve got good job prospects here.  I own my hangar at the airport and have my airplane based there.  I’ve got some good friends at the airport.  But oh, my heart, my heart.  My heart is pulling me back to the South.  The green trees, the four seasons, the history, the culture.  And family.

The elders at my church stress multi-generational living.  At least they do with each other, I’ve not heard them espouse it to the congregation much.  It’s a good concept but I’m glad they don’t push it too much.  I for one can’t afford it.  I’ve made several comments about properties that some of the elders own which I’m afraid they must construe as jealousy.  I would have to admit to some jealousy, but it’s not malicious.  Mostly I’m just dissatisfied that I can’t live that way.  At least…not here.

Such is the dilema.  Do I stay in California and enjoy my church, my friendships, my job?  Or do I move to Tennessee where I can be close to my father and have land that I can build a house for my son and enjoy that multigenerational living that some here enjoy?  Do I stay and enjoy being with my airplane buddies and having my own hangar?  Or do I go and live where I can afford to build another hangar?  Do I go and be close to my father and quite possibly be the only example of true Christianity he may have witnessed for some time.

I just want to make sure I’m not stepping out in faith only to trip over my own feet.  I want to make sure that it is our Sovereign God that is guiding me to go, or to stay.  But then I guess that since He is sovereign, I have no choice but to do his will. 

Show me your will O Lord that I might please you.

4 thoughts on “We’re back

  1. Skatetrainer

    🙂 I tend to lean on my sovereign wife for sovereign guidance. I spent time away from my family in the warm weather of Tucson and moved back to be surrounded by family. And then the storms came and the family was there for huge support. Support even beyond the church. BTW, the church has some really wide tent pegs. Family’s tent pegs are reasonably close. I hear they have hangars in the south. Airports too. And everywhere i’ve gone there are the airport denizen – usually seasoned citzens. Your site has been a great encouragement to me. Thanks. How’s the -7 and the provision needed to continue? I am contemplating stepping into a -7 with scarce resources. I have the tools and the shop space. I also have the faith to step into the Lord’s provision. Stand by and watch Him work.

  2. Glad you find encouragement here. I have decided to remain where I am. Most of my family is here anyway; brother and sisters. We aren’t that close. I’m much closer to the people here at church. Our Father shut all the other doors, here is where He wants me. I think I’m His missionary to this liberal newspaper I work at. 🙂

    I have scant resources and I have stepped into the 7. You can do it with discipline. I drive an older car. I bring my lunch. Little things add up. I bought the tail kit from another builder who had a spare complete tail kit. I’ve got the complete HS clecoed together. Took about a week of evenings to do. The kit will really go fast once I get started on it.

    “Stand by and watch Him work.” I wouldn’t think of anything else. 🙂 Glad you’re along brother!

  3. Skatetrainer

    I used to have some grand and glorious plans. I am afflicted with vision. I heard Bill McCartney at a Promise Keepers say that a mission can happen only when vision and provision come together. I watched my vision come together when the Lord provided another builder with the resources to accomplish exactly what I had seen. I also watched the founder of Veggie Tales talk about a similar experience. Our outlook is reeled into a shorter timeframe. Our trust is focused on Jesus. Hard lessons to learn. I wonder if Peter stepped out of the boat and had more than his next step in mind? I will reamined focused on none other than the vision and wait for the Lord’s provision in order to take a small step – one at a time with my eyes stayed on Him. No more, no less.

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