The fruits of the Spirit – Love

Christ has poured out His love upon you, make yourself a conduit for that love.


Kiss your wife.
Hug your kids.
Call your father.


Help your buddy change his oil.
Call an old acquaintance to say hello.
Laugh at your brother’s joke when it isn’t funny.


Make coffee for once.
Listen to someone’s problems.
Tell a colleague you admire them because…


Smile at an elderly person.
Let the other car go first.
Help a mother lift something heavy at the grocery store.


Thank your pastor for his hard work.
Ask an elderly church member for advice.
Sit next to someone who is alone.

Three simple things you can do in almost any situation to express Christ’s love. How many more can you think of? Will you act upon them? Let the fruits of the Spirit ripen in your life and burst forth their goodness upon those around you.

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