The fruits of the Spirit – Peace

Where will I find peace?  Will I find it locked witihin my car before I face the day’s challenges?  No, the challenges will still come.  Will I find it under the green trees along a quiet stream?  No, I must eventually leave that place.  Will I find it in the bosom of my family?  No, children grow up and move away.  Spouses die.  I cannot find peace anywere except within myself.  Quietly, gently placed there by a loving and merciful Savior.

How will I find peace?  Will I find it by studying the great works of man stumbling across some secret wisdom that unlocks it?  No, though you gain all the knowledge in all the world, you will not find peace. Will I find it by asking all the wisest men in all the world, some guru upon a mountain?  No, men who offer peace try to give away what they themselves don’t have.  The Bible, that’s it, the Bible will show me how to find peace!  The Bible speaks of peace but does not offer it.  Those who follow the teachings in the Bible will be given very little in the way of peace.  No, there is nothing I can do to find it.  The only way I will find it is if I am led to peace by a loving and merciful Savior.

When will I find peace?  Will I find it when I have finished studying Scripture having unlocked all it’s secrets?  No, many learned men read Scripture and it does nothing for them.  Will I find it when the wars have ended, when men no longer rise up against one another?  No, there will always be war and suffering until the return of our King.  Will I find it when at last I am laid to rest?  No, the dead feel nothing, they only sleep and await peace.  No, I will only find peace when I have completely submitted myself to a loving a merciful Savior.

My Savior leads me through righteous paths, He calms the waters for me, though the wolves snarl and snap I do not fear them.  I feel the peace that can’t be explained.  The peace that comes from knowing that you are beyond the reach of evil.  The peace that comes from knowing that no matter what happens I will ultimately be victorious because my Savior, my King, my God has ordained it and nothing can stand before Him. 

Peace is where I Am … is.

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