Flight to Hollister

After a rough week at work it was a distinct pleasure to run into some friends at the airport. They reported that they were on their way to Hollister for lunch. I asked if they minded if I invited myself along and of course they said I was welcome to join. My three friends were packed into what they wished was a Grumman Tiger (and in fact was manufactured by Gulfstream) but is a MERE Grumman Traveler… and launched for Hollister. I leisurely preflighted my RV-4, used the bathroom, and programmed my destination into my GPS. I took off and pointed my ship southward.

A little over half an hour later I was landing at a very busy Hollister. I found a parking place and started looking for my friends. After a brief search I found them taxiing up behind me. Gotta love those RV speeds. We enjoyed lunch, watched some of the activity at the airport and then headed for home. On the way back I spotted my friends and blew past that aircraft manufactured by Gulfstream and still had time to stop for fuel at Gustine before flying back to Oakdale.
When I finally landed at Oakdale, my friends had just deplaned and watched my landing. (No comment) Really felt good. Here is a link to the GPS track if you’d like to follow the flight. [The Flying Dutchman’s trip to Hollister]

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