One of those weeks

Did you ever have one of those weeks?  I’m sure you have.  We all have and I had another one this week.  A virus outbreak kept me at work late at night for most of the week.  I’ve barely seen my family.  We finally brought the virus under control on Saturday morning.  It was a tremendous relief.  However, by that time I had reached the end of my stress rope.  There were other issues at work that were already weighing on me so I just needed a break from everything.  Even going to church on Sunday morning didn’t relax me as it usually does.  I was short-tempered, emotionally weak, and just flat out tired.  Church didn’t feel refreshing to me this week, it felt oppressing.  My normal duties at church weighed on me like a load of cement.  If our Lord is trying to take me out of my comfort zone, it’s working.  I can’t even see the “comfort zone limits” sign from where I’m standing.

It felt so good to come home and spend a quiet afternoon with my family.  After lunch we rested and talked.  Later in the afternoon I went to work in the garage on my RV-7 and watched my daughter whiz up and down the sidewalk on her bicycle.  I finished another major subassembly of the RV-7; the rudder.  My wife doesn’t get it, she says she would nervous and frustrated trying to build an airplane.  To me it’s relaxing.  I guess we all have different ways of blowing off steam.

Here is a much more relaxed looking Flying Dutchman after hanging the rudder on the vertical stabilizer.



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