Finding joy

I haven’t been here in a while. It’s nice to be back. I feel like I’ve come home finally after a long time away. Even still, I’m not fully home, but I’m looking forward to being fully home. I haven’t physically been anywhere. I’ve been mired with work in public and private matters. Work has taken much of my waking attention and private matters have taken most of what’s left. In all the work that I was doing I was rapidly losing much of the joy in my life. There have been many demands placed on me lately and felt no joy in trying to meet all those demands. I was getting tired of serving God as well. Finally, after one tearful prayer session, I felt the weight lift from me.

What I realized after that was that I was getting so mired in trying to please everyone that I was losing track of who I should be trying to please. So right now I’m trying to realign my focus on pleasing God and finding that the joy in life is returning. I don’t always desire to please Him the way I should so that is my new focus. When I come to the place where pleasing God is my complete and entire goal, I’ll be completely at home.  That’s were I’ll find complete joy.
Mrs. Flying Dutchman and I have started a book study together. We’re going through When I Don’t Desire God by John Piper. We’ll keep you posted on our progress through the book.

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