Hombres Santos de los Cielos

God has been very good to me indeed. He has blessed me far more than what I deserve. One of His MANY blessings has been the gift of flight. Through flying I have come to appreciate God’s landscapes, His weather, the laws of nature God set forth such as… gravity. I’ve had many suprises crop up in my flying avocation but none have been so surprising as the trend I am beginning to notice among my fellow aviators.

When I first started flying about 15 years ago most of the pilots I met were hard core ex-military types. They were good men, fiercely self-reliant, and had not place for religion in their lives. But now I’m running into more and more Godly aviators. The men I’m beginning to find both on the Internet in various places such as bulletin boards, and at my local field aren’t just the casual run of the mill Christian. Many of them are men who truly immerse themselves in God’s word.

It has truly been heartening to find them.  Where once I was a lone voice in the groups I was in, there are now other voices for Christ.  What’s truly wonderful is that these are young men. On the same Internet groups were I was once derided for having scripture references in my email signature I am not seeing men openly discuss missions and trying to find ways to dedicate their flying to God.  Maybe it’s just God opening my eyes since my true heart change.  Whatever is bringing these men out of the woodwork, I am glad to see them, glad to share the air with them.

Praise God for His wonderful works!

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