Wednesday afternoon in downtown Modesto

I can’t believe where technology has gone in the past few years. For instance, I’m sitting in Picasso’s, a downtown Modesto cafe, and just finished a delicious sandwich. I’m listening to a guitar player strumming from the corner of the room, the lawyers and administrative clerks are hurrying by on the sidewalk trying to get back to work before lunch is over. I’m connected and online and able to update this website from this cafe. This is something I could have only imagined just a few years ago.

I’m just as amazed where God has taken me in the past few years. He tests my faith on almost a daily basis with my new job. I go into the week thinking I’m swamped, not knowing how I’m going to handle the problems I face; staffing shortages, unhappy customers, knowledge and memory shortages (on my part). The more I try to handle it the deeper I feel I’m sinking. Then I remember to pray about my problems, not really to ask God to “fix” my problems, but just to place myself in His hands. I just consciously stop worrying about the problems and subconsciously leave them in God’s hands. What a difference. I feel more content, more joyful and many of the problems seem to resolve themselves. I guess one could make the argument that they were never my problems in the first place. I think they were; I just think God uses these problems to cement my faith.

These days, I find myself more joyful than I used to be even when things do go my way. I find myself trying to ignore the pretty girls with skimpy dresses on the sidewalk rather than indulging my eyes. I find myself trying to deal with everyone as if they are my brother. I am always successful? Absolutely not. Still, it’s something that I could only have imagined a few years ago.

Yes… it’s amazing how far things have come.

( Thank you Cristy for praying for me without ceasing )

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