On the ground at Oshkosh

Just spent my first full day at Oshkosh. My feet are killing me, my sinuses are killing me, but I’m happy, what a fun day. My friends and I spent the day browsing the aircraft vendors, checking out new products and technologies, and the different airplanes on the flight line. That actually took ALL day there was so much to see. Some of my favorite technologies were:

Possibly one of the biggest news items of the week so far is Cessna’s new LSA offering the Cessna 162 Sky Catcher: Cessna Sky Catcher website

This will be a plane to watch. It will signal whether or not the LSA market will be viable or not. Cessna joining the LSA fray has emboldened other LSA manufacturers and is actually a welcome development to them.

Tomorrow promises to be a more laid back day. We’re going to casually walk the flight line and just check out all the airplanes.

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