Bent on biking

I recently purchased a recumbent bike on eBay. My goal was to save some money on the commute to work and to get in better shape. I went with a recumbent bike because, well, shall we say my seat was very uncomfortable on the old mountain bike. Very old mountain bike. Like 25 years old. The new bike is a Rans Rocket short wheelbase recumbent.

I actually rode the Rocket to work today and I learned a lesson about recumbent bikes, they REALLY work your legs hard. You see, on a standard bicycle you can stand on the pedals and use your body weight to help pedal when your legs get tired. You can do this on a recumbent because your legs are in front of you. You must use your legs completely when starting or when pedaling.

It’s a 12 mile round trip to work and when coming home, no matter which way I turn it’s always into the wind! So I’ve got quite the workout when I do ride the bike. I’m going to start out just once or twice a week until my legs start cooperating. With gas prices the way they are and couple that with the fact that I’m not getting younger; there may be a lot of biking in my future.

4 thoughts on “Bent on biking

  1. Lee

    Biking is great, but be very careful! I don’t see a flag on your bike. I would highly recommend it – auto drivers just don’t see bikers. There is a gentleman in Oakdale who rides a recumbent with a flag, but he is always riding on the wrong side of the street, also very dangerous.
    I was really into biking a few years ago and went on many weekend organized rides. A 100 km ride is a good distance and you usually meet many other friendly bikers. The rides are sagged for your safety and you get cookies.

    Reviewed much of your website – it’s great. Hopefully you will tell us how to set up a site at the next EAA meeting. Would love to go with you to visit out of the way airports in my CH701. I am always concerned about access and violating some one’s private property. Be careful in the westside hills – much of the large County park is no longer accessible to aircraft.

  2. John Cullimore

    I recently bought a rans v3, and I’m loving it a lot.

    I’m finding that simply put, the more I ride it, the more my legs are adapting. And they adapt quick.

    My goal is to commute to work as well, but it’s a 31 mile ride round trip. A couple hours of riding a day.

    My metabolism is definitely adjusting, and I feel great.

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