Everything finally came together today. The Lord saw fit to give us some beautiful weather both here in California and also over in Nevada so I was actually able to get my plane over to the paint shop! The day was not without it’s problems which made me think maybe I still wasn’t supposed to go over there today. For instance, the engine flooded the first time I tried to start it. No problem, I got out and spoke with an old friend for a while. The next time, the engine fired right up. Then after I took off, I found that the electric trim tab had decided to stop working. Well, it was only a 45 minute flight, I could hand fly it for that long. So I elected to continue and was rewarded with smooth air and stunning views of the Sierras.

As was predicted there was very little wind this morning. It was actually bumpier in the valley than it was over the peaks. It can get pretty turbulent over these peaks but all I ever felt were minor burbles. Within 30 minutes I was past the tallest of the peaks and into Nevada.

This was my first flight in over two months and I was so glad that no one saw me land at Yerington. 🙂 At any rate I got the plane down and taxied up to Matthews Aviation.

It turns out that it was a good thing I was a little late because they had just finished putting an RV-10 back together and he was making a quick test flight.

It took me about 2 and a half hours to take the plane apart and judging by the way it came apart, it’s going to take much longer to put back together. 😦 I finally got it done though, and discussed my paint options with the owner. That was easy. Paint it white. Just white. So Matterhorn White it will be with vinyl graphic accents.

There were a couple of other planes there to be painted including a Bonanza. There were other interesting things tucked here and there around the paint shop.

Don’t know what this one is but it looks fast.

After I went over painting options with the owner I walked into town and grabbed a burger at the golden arches. McD’s is right outside the airport fence. Cleanest McD and most polite burger flippers I have ever run into. I ate my burger while watching for planes… none departed, none landed.

I walked back and sat down to check my blackberry for email. Within 5 minutes my buddy Dennis arrived to cart me back home. Dennis had his RV-6A painted here last year and it look great.

Before long we were off and enjoying some beautiful views again on the way home.

Stay tuned, I’ll post more once I head back to put the plane back together.

2 thoughts on “Yerington!

  1. John Evans

    I’m considering having my 182 painted later this summer, and am considering Mathews Aviation (I live in Truckee). Did you talk to many references about his shop? Anything you can share? Thanks.

  2. Yes, he has painted two RV’s on my home field. Keith is a great guy to deal with, very easy going and flexible. You’re lucky you have a cert’d aircraft, you just taxi up, tell him what you want, and they take care of the rest. With my experimental, I had to take all the flight surfaces off. Ugh. The RV-6 in the above photo was painted there. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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