Just sick

We received some bad news today.  A good friend was the victim of a crime.  Some bad guys tried to steal the motor from his Cessna 150.  They carefully removed the cowling and set it aside.  They then took a sawzall and started cutting the engine mounts.  The goal was to have the engine off in 10 minutes.  However, they got sloppy.  They were using a Coleman lantern for light and accidentally cut one of the airplane’s fuel lines.  The fuel splattered on the lantern and what follows is all that is left of my friend’s plane.



Remnats of the Coleman lantern in the above photo.



Notice how the cowling was removed and set aside in the above two photos.


You can see in the photo above where they cut through the engine mounts.



The propeller had finger prints on it and has been taken by the Oakdale Fire Arson squad to check for finger prints or any else that may lead to the bad guys that did this.

This occured some time in the early morning hours.  No one noticed the fire.  It had burned itself out by the time the wreckage was discovered.  This is a great reason to insure your airplanes folks.  Thank goodness this one was insured too.

Our hearts go out to you Chris.

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