Another AirPrayer??

So I have this comment in my moderation queue (that’s where comments are held before they show up on the site) from someone at a site called !  I may post the link once I figure out their theology and make sure it doesn’t hold anything counter to my own.  I never thought I had the market cornered on this domain name but I picked it because 1) it wasn’t in use, and b) it was not likely to be used.  Now, it’s being used.  Oh well, when your site is about prayer and it has to do with airplanes, how many names can you possibly pick?  I read a post on his site that details the origins of AirPrayer.  I’ve never done that so I guess it’s about time.

So… Why AirPrayer?

If you know me, you know I’m into airplanes.  You know, real ones.  Not remote controlled models.  I’m into flying airplanes.  I’m into building airplanes.  It’s borderline idolatry.  (Elders, if you’re reading this I am trying!)  So, several years ago I was still building my RV-4.  It took 5 years to complete so many people had a chance to take a look at it while it was being built.  I remember one person in particular asked me if I was going to pray before I flew it.  I told them I’d be praying while I flew it!  Since all airplanes need a name and since my wife ruled out 4-play as a possible name, I chose Air Prayer.  It was the name of my first airplane.  I never had the name put on the plane but everyone knew.

And those of you know know me, yes, I’m building Air Prayer II right now.  The planes will always be Air Prayer and I will always pray in them.

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