Called Out

The word for church in ancient Greek literally means “called out” or “the called out ones.”  This is exactly how I am feeling lately.  I feel God has been slowly leading my wife and I to a place where we can minister to other families of special needs children.  I understand “special needs” comes in many shapes and forms.  The families we will be targeting are those with children with moderate to severe cognitive delays.  Also families with moderate to severe physical handicaps.  But to be precise our main thrust will be to minister to families of autistic children.

We know from personal experience how isolated and neglected these families can feel.  Whether it is real or imagined it feels like you have no hope.  You almost feel oppressed by the special needs child.  We want to provide a forum for these parents to talk about their challenges, receive encouragement and admonition with a strong scriptural basis.  I cannot claim to be a biblical scholar but I can lay claim to knowing exactly how these parents feel.  My elders are biblical scholars so they can help me with scripture and provide the oversight I would desire to make sure scripture is properly applied.

There are many support groups out there for “autistic parents” as we call them but none provide comfort from scripture.  This is what we propose to do.  We want these families to know that God does not make mistakes, that every creation by God is deliberate and meaningful and kind and good!

What my wife and I mainly need at this point is your prayer and encouragement.  Pray that we will be given the wisdom and love that we need.

One thought on “Called Out

  1. Gibby

    You have the prayer support of Bob & Jane! When you see the smile on my face in about an hour, you will know what it means. I so admire your commitment to our Lord and the work you undertake on a daily basis. The picture of Scotty working on the plane is a remarkable sight as you teach him to work with his mind and hands, to do the work that God wants him to do. Your family is a tribute to your faith, and your ‘leaning’ on others for support is a blessing to all of us!

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