Hope Rekindled

There are many challenges to raising a special needs child.  For us, it has been especially challenging lately.  Nothing is more challenging than trying to teach your special needs child about God.  My wife and I have always had our doubts about what he is actually absorbing.  This afternoon my wife showed me something that truly encouraged me about the state of my son’s heart.


A small book that simply says “People” on the front of it.  Inside I found this page:


On that page was Scotty’s name and the name of a young lady he apparently thinks very highly of. I’ve removed her name to spare her embarrassment.  If you can’t read the writing in the picture it says, “Me and <name deleted> like to talk about people around the Modesto to believe in God.  Jesus died on the cros.”  Now, despite the grammar and misspellings, can there be any doubt about Scotty’s heart?  He wants to partner with this young lady and spread the gospel.  And who are the people he wants to talk to about God? 




Quite literally, everyone he has ever known.  These are all the people he hopes to see in heaven.  He has even started to develop a means to communicate with them about Christ:


A catechism book!  If you can’t read it the title is, “The Catechism For Young Children and Hige School Boys And Girls and Colleges Boys And Girls With Cartoons”  On his own he has been studying two simple catechism booklets that were handed out by our church a few years ago.  He is going to recreate those booklets and apparently update them for high school and college folks.  With cartoons no less.  Sounds like a winner to me!  As he does this project I’m going to go through the catechism with him and try to help him understand the concepts if he doesn’t already.

As our church moves into a month of expanding awareness of evangelism, I find it budding in my own home.   What some count as weakness may actually be strength beyond comprehension.  Time will tell.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”
2 Corinthians 12:9

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