Adopting Flight

My pastor and his wife have been on a long, tiring journey to adopt a child from overseas.  Recently God, in one of His lighter moments, decided to bless my pastor with not one but TWO adoptions.  (It’s a long story)  I wanted to help them in some way but I don’t have much money or talent… but I can fly.  So when my pastor took the decision to hold an auction to raise money, I donated my skill in the way of a one hour site-seeing flight.

A woman bid and won the flight for her parents.  I took her parents on that flight this morning.  We flew over Milton and the Salt Springs Valley and just generally enjoyed the cold, crisp, still morning air.  My favorite part of the flight was when one of my passengers yelled to be heard over the engine noise; “IT’S SO PEACEFUL UP HERE!”  And she meant it! 🙂

So, thank you Tanya Cantrell for buying this flight for your parents, and thank you Kiana and Jerry Sommers for being my passengers this morning!


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