Just another week in the valley

A couple of highlights:

  • Continued painting my plane –
    I’ve got the cowling, windshield deck, spinner, and wing struts painted red.  I still need to add the black stripes to the cowling.
  • Made plans to attend training in Austin, TX –
    My boss was scheduled to attend a class on the Tipping Point security device in Austin.  He has a wedding to go to so he gave his seat to me.  What a gentleman!
  • A strange man asked my wife out for drinks –
    My wife buys dietary supplements from a chiropractor in Ripon.  Since the Dr was going to be in Modesto she asked my wife to meet her at the gym the Dr. would be going to.  As my wife was waiting a man approached her and tried to strike up a conversation.  She was polite but told him she was in a hurry, he ripped the phone numbers off his business card and handed the little scrap of paper to her and asked her to call him so they could go out for drinks.  Yeah, uh huh, keep holding your breath buddy.  Can’t blame him; my wife is beautiful.

Other than that not much happened.

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