Hangar Flying

That’s what pilots call telling stories, usually lies about their flying adventures.  Here’s one of my hangar flying stories.

We all decided to fly to Nut Tree in Vacaville to have lunch.  One of the planeless pilots rode with me in my old Aeronca Champ.  He was a talker, a very animated talker.  Even though we were wearing headsets and could hear each other just fine, he felt obliged to lean forward to every time he said something to me.  The thing you need to know about the Champ is that it is tandem seating, the passenger sits behind the pilot.  So each time he’d lean forward the plane’s center of gravity was upset and the nose of the plane would dip.  I’d reach up to the trim control and retrim the airplane to fly level.  Then he’d stop talking and lean back.  Then the plane’s nose would rise.  I’d reach up and adjust the trim again.  By the time we got back to Oakdale my arm was so sore from adjusting that trim tab.  I was happy to bid him good-bye. 

Not a a tale of daring-do but still, one of my hangar tales.

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