It’s coming down to the last few days before my airworthiness inspection.  I found one problem with wiring and will have to fix that tomorrow.  Otherwise I’m just pacing the floor waiting for the inspection.  I sent in my paperwork the 28th of December, the inspection was scheduled for the 12th of January.  The inspector called and told me they were fine with my requested test area.  I asked for a 50 nautical mile radius around Oakdale Airport which will give me plenty of room to wring her out.  I was given a 40 hour test period which is fine.  All that means is that I can’t carry passengers for the first 40 hours.  Frankly I have a lot of testing to do anyway.  I’m just as nervous as I was before I flew my RV-4 but I’m trying to recall the 5 years of joyful flight I had in that airplane.

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