Taxied around

This afternoon I performed the last few checks on the plane.  Lube’d the flight control hinges.  Checked deflection on all flight controls.  Secured my fire extinguisher (may I never need it.)  I also took this opportunity to taxi around the airport a few times to get a better feel of the ground handling.  I tried to be a little more aggressive on the rudders but I’m still trying to feel out this machine.

It looks as if a small crew will assemble to wish me well tomorrow including a couple of internet buddies.  It will be nice to have them on hand so I can ask some last minute questions.  I’ve had several people offer to fly chase, if each of them shows up, we’ll look like a squadron of angry geese (only slower.)  Either  way I’m feeling more confident now and starting to look forward to this first flight.  It all comes down to this moment.

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