Be prepared

I received this from a cousin.  It’s good info to share so here you go.

I was reading an article about how the Japanese people are so wired (they
use cell phones more than we do), but this contributed to a problem during
their recent crisis.  People that are missing cannot call and tell anyone
they are safe because their cell phones ran out of power.  A specialist in
emergency management gave these suggestions, which I think are great in case
we were to ever experience something like an major earthquake, etc.

–Save all your contacts on your home computer, update them every few
months, and print a hardcopy of your contacts to keep in your car in case of
an emergency.

–Write down the toll-free numbers for your banks and utility companies. In
the event of a disaster, this will allow you to turn off your utilities,
reprint credit cards, and temporarily change your address.

–Designate a friend or family member who lives outside your area to be your
family’s emergency contact. In emergency situations, long-distance calls
have a better chance of getting through jammed phone lines because they only
require one connection to get through, while local calls require two

–If you are in a disaster area, and aren’t able to get a hold of family or
friends on your phone, change your voicemail to say the current time, your
location, and that you are safe. This will allow anyone trying to reach you
to know you’re alive and where rescuers can find you.

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