Weekend of Crime

The Modesto Van family had a small crime wave hit it this weekend.  The first crime could have been averted had a son obeyed his father.  My son woke up at 4am and decided it would be a nice time to go for a bicycle ride.  He further decided to ride over to a park that while not particularly dangerous, is not some place I’d go after dark.  He was approached by a man who asked for his bike, assertively.  My son then had to walk home bikeless.  I am grateful to God that he was not hurt in any way.  I firmly believe this is God’s way of protecting my son from something much worse.  So for the foreseeable future — no bikes for my son.

The second crime happened this morning when someone charged over $1000 on my company credit card.  The last place I legitimately used my credit card was at Extreme Pizza in Modesto.  So if you go there you may want to pay cash.   Thankfully JP Morgan Chase was vigilant and called me to confirm I had made some purchases at a Wal-Mart in Bowling Green Kentucky, which of course I had not.  So, that card is cancelled and a new card is on it’s way.

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