Friday Flight

I had a vacation day scheduled for this past Friday.  I needed to decompress after a stressful week so guess what I did?   That’s right!

The day started out perfect.  No wind, no bumps and outstanding visibility.  A beautiful fall day in the valley.


I decided to head over to San Francisco Bay via Suisun and then San Pablo Bay.  As I flew past Lake Byron I could see that there were clouds starting to build up.



The clouds started getting thicker near Suisun Bay and it started getting pretty bumpy.  Even though San Pablo bay in the distance is clear it was getting very bumpy and I could see SF Bay was clouded in.



It was too nice  a day to fight the bumps so I turned eastward to look for breakfast.



Oh look!  Here’s a place to park and it’s right next one of my favorite breakfast destinations.



Yes!  The Lodi Café at the Lodi Airport.  You can see that the previously clear valley was starting to be dotted by low clouds.  The bumps had followed me from the bay area to the valley.  I decided to call it a day after two hours of flying.  I flew back to Oakdale and by the time I had the hangar shut it was getting pretty cloudy and the wind had starting kicking up.  I think I made a good call.


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