Back at JB Golf

Many years ago I used to fly an Aeronca Champ.  I loved landing it off airport.  For years I used to fly to a small golf course in Farmington called JB Golf.  It was created by a man who loved golf and flying.  I was introduced to this strip by Jerry Hansen.  He used to fly his 175 and then his Pacer in to this strip.  I tagged along in my Champ.  Well, time passed and Jerry wasn’t able to fly into JB any more.  I built an RV-4 which I never could slow down adequately to land safely at JB.  I really missed flying in to JB and that is one of the big reasons I sold my RV-4 and built my new plane; the Coyote.    Today I was finally able to find time to clean up my golf clubs fly in to JB.

The owner loves to have airplanes fly in so if you’re a golfer and you have reasonable short/soft field skills you are welcome here.  The strip is located just east of Stockton Metro Airport in central California.  It is marked on the SFO sectional as J-B.  It is listed as private but pilots with appropriate skills are welcome to land.

Here are a few  pictures from my trip today.





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