My Day

I haven’t been able to update my blog lately because of my life lately.  So, so busy.  For instance, today started at 2am.  Luckily I was able to work from home.  2 hours on the phone doing some maintenance work in Tacoma Washington.  Then back to bed for a couple hours.  Then off to work.  As soon as I arrived… you guessed it, trouble in Tacoma.  No one can print.  Was it related to our maintenance work, you bet it was.  One hour to diagnose and fix that problem.  Before I even got done more calls started coming in.  We’re having DNS issues.  Two hours to track down and fix that problem.  Then back to Tacoma, they would like a new wireless access point installed.  30 minutes for that.  Some paperwork.  Set up a virtual com port for our virtual VAX running on a virtual server.  An hour for that.  Two servers are way behind on security patches.  One more hour for that.  Throw in a lunch break and a few meetings and the day was done.

No it wasn’t, just before I leave there is trouble on a switch in Olympia Washington.  It took 4 hours, working with local support up there to get yesterdays config loaded onto the switch.

Then the day was FINALLY over at 7:30pm.

Anyone see why I like to fly?

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