Paradise Flat revisited

I’ve been amazed at the number of people that have now started following this blog after finding a post I made a couple of years ago.  Jesus in every book in the Bible.  Folks, just so you know, that’s not original material but I can’t remember where I found it so if you find it elsewhere, that’s probably the guy. 🙂  Having said that, Christ is indeed in every book in the Bible.  It’s His story after all.  A story of a triune God who decided to create fallible creatures to pour His love upon.  Creatures he knew would fail and would need help.  And Christ, from the beginning of all things, would be that help.

Christ has blessed me in so many ways from my family to my church to the gift of flight.  To be inside a machine that was designed to carry me on the very breath of God is truly a blessing and a privilege.  Aviation is an amazing way to enjoy God’s creation and there is nothing more I like doing that enjoying that which God has given us.

Here is a video clip of me doing both.

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